Wee are
Feedmee Design GmbH | Lichstr.43a | 50825 Köln
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Here wee are!

FEEDMEE DESIGN is an international creative agency based in Cologne, Germany, founded in 1999 by general manager Gerhard Menschik and directors Susanne Frericks and Anton Riedel.

FEEDMEE specializes in a lot of fields but our strength is to combine them all.

Wee create and love raising ideas. Pixel or Paper…still or animated… Wee love it all.

Executive Producers

TV, WEB, Advertising, Live Action, Short and Medium Length


2D, 3D, Stopmotion and Live Action


Motion, Corporate, Print, Web, Film


2D, 3D, Motion Design, CD, Drawn Animation, Stopframe and love to mix it all

Character Designer

2D, 3D, Sweet and Ugly


…not realy, but we do it a lot


Workshops, brand management, design implementation


interaction concepts, content development

Wee inspire

Workshops and Talks