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…is a format for KiKa that captures the attitudes of the 8 -13 kids. We already produced 2 seasons à 13 episodes à 14,5 minutes. We were directly involved in the entire production process, from developing the series, filming and directing, all the way to complete post-production. The unique concept behind the show likewise caught the attention of the Int. Central Institute for Youth and Education Television (IZI). As director of the first season, Anton Riedel was invited to the IZI conference on “How Children Understand Narratives,” to discuss this topic with other experts in the field. 2012 the CICFF has announced that their Children’s Jury awarded the First Prize in the category “Live action Television Program” to “STURMFREI” season one. It is great to know that all these English speaking kids have been blown away by our series.

Produktion: FEEDMEE (+Bummfilm 1.Staffel)
Konzept/Idee: Wolfgang Lünenschloss, Sebastian Colley
Regie: Anton Riedel, David Gromer, Martin Busker
Drehbuch: Tanja Sawitzki, Vivien Hoppe, Carolin Hecht, David Gromer, Norman Cöster, Fabian Hebestreit
Creative Producer: Anton Riedel
D.O.P / Kamera: Andrès Marder, Timm Lange, Ben F. Wieg
Layout/Design: Sabine Dully, Peter Hoffmann
Schnitt: Götz Schubert, Talayot von Cube, Mathias Dombrink, Erwin Häcker, Christian Bahlo
Grading: WeFadeToGrey
Animation/VFX: Thomas Gugel, Jan Sickinger, Ben Kempf, Axel Hamacher, Marvin Kutscha,  Andreas Gaschka
Musik: Loy Wesselburg, Trevista
Sounddesign und Mischung: Andrew Mottl
Herstellungsleitung: Fabian Glubrecht, Kirsten Frehse, Frank Horak
Herstellungsleitung Kika: Solveigh Hardt
Redaktion: Anke Hirschel, Annekatrin Wächter, Wolfgang Lünenschloss
Produktionsleitung: Laura Giersdorf, Jennifer Feist
Szenenbild: Tomáš Svoboda
Kostüm: Lena Tajerová
Maske: Tereza Patočková
Tonmeister: Robert Dufek
Service Production Prag: Stillking Films