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Corporate Design for ZDF Neo

Begining 2017 we were asked to rebrand ZDFneo. ZDFneo is known for its independent character – so we set off to have some fun. We started from scratch, not only rebranding the whole channel on- and offair but also developing a new logo. 3 bold colours, a set of graphic templates and three new fonts are the base of our new design. The Helvetica italic with its 12degree slant gave the foundation for all our design-elements. Based on this we built a design toolkit which can be applied across all media to give the brand a consistent and distinct look. Our greatest fun was developing a hybrid of promo and ident which we called promodents. The promodents are a kind of picture puzzle id’s.

CONCEPT AND DESIGN: Anton Riedel, Julia David, Frank Schmidt
ART DIRECTOR: Julia David, Jörn Westhoff
PRODUCER: Laura Giersdorf, Jennifer Feist
ANIMATION: Jörn Westhoff, Acky Hamacher,Frank Schmidt, Lukas Schemm,  Christoph Grosse Hovest, Christian Kaufmann, Levin Tamoj, Lynn Huberty, Lukas Müller, Birk Reddehase
ART DIRECTOR PRINT: Susanne Frericks
PRINT UND OFFAIR: Eugen Laitenberger,
Katrin Imhoff, Tündi Schmitz,
Jürgen Frost
TYPOGRAPHIE: Guido Schneider
TEXT: Anja Erhardt