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Human Matrix Rig

Everyone suffers from the era of digital Photocameras now and then. Mega-, Ultra-, Hyperpixels – you can run but you can’t hide.

They will get you and sooner or later you will be on Flickr or Facebook.
And nowadays they even team up to get Matrix-Style “Bullet-Time” shots of you!

Imagine you just want to do some heavy workout in your favourite warehouse and suddenly you are sourrounded by several Paparazzi. This happened to our “teutonic” friend Andy.

Luckily the Photographers had top notch Digital SLR’s:
Two Canon 7Ds, a 5D and a 550D.

So at least Andy can be sure the photos will be high quality shots!

And maybe we’ll even use them for a fitness-related project… watch out, all you lightweights!