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Heute im Osten

…is a new TV-show on MDR (Mid-German Broadcasting Station). Every two weeks the MDR presents previously published content from their own Web-Show, to their television audience. The new and innovative aspect of this concept is that the content is taken from the net directly into an interactive TV show. In order to integrate the web-specific interactive (nonlinear) moment into the show, a communication device was developed by FEEDMEE in cooperation with REALTIME DEPARTMENT – an infrared-based touchscreen operated live by the show-host. The so called Communicator. Using this tool, the host can control and navigate the show-contents as well as the virtual set during broadcast. This allows live directing directly inside the studio. Our collaboration has, thus, led to an innovative connection between Internet and TV.

Realtime Department // Special Thanx to Christoph & Niklas.
And to the one and only Kerstin Kohle for keeping everything and everyone together.