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Fingers Special

The Fingers” was one of our first projects back in the day. We are proud to present early footage of one of Prof. Rumfinger’s inventions, which would inevitably change the world in subsequent years.
Although “The Fingers” was a program for kids, the Professor didn’t really care about his target audience, or rather he thought it’s time to bring some splatter into the playroom.

Buff and Bill must have been the lost children of Prof. Rumfinger. We met these guys stuck in the middle of the desert about 8 years ago, and did a small test shoot. We wanted to know what they do to prevent boredom, but suddenly, once we got up close, they disappeared, leaving us with a bunch of unanswered questions…

How did these guys end up in this desolate place?
How long is Buff really?
Is Bill giving us the f***finger?
Will Buff find the secret passage to Bill’s hole?
What if Bill looses his finger in a car crash?
Is Bill actually wearing no underpants?

We would love to work with them again…
We’ll keep our fingers crossed!