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Corporate Design
for social campaign
“Kleiner 5”

“To me it seems quite clear that it is all just a little bit of history repeating…”
Besides being a design company we are all human beings with values, hopes, feelings, experience, dreams and visions. This defines each one of us but also our team as a whole. This is the base for our work and creativity each day and most of the time we work for our clients to create great design for the world of TV. But sometimes you need to show your support for values outside this “bubble”. So when the group “Tadel verpflichtet e.V ” ask us to help them communicate their campaign “Kleiner 5” we were honored to do so and to show our support. The initiative “Kleiner 5” aims to start a political and social discussion about the “new right”, the growing of populism and nationalism and to discuss new ideas for the future. Also the name means that the extrem right political party should get less then five percent in the next election in order they will not be part of the “Bundestag” / Parliament.

We work on the logo, the design for the folders, website and different claims.