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Blog Partee

Thanks to all the people who came to our Unseen-party-exhibition-event!
For all those who missed it – each room had its own theme.
Here are some impressions.

Unseen artwork. Big, small, cute, frightening, happy, sad, hairy, slimy, colored or black and white characters.
Until then, they had their hiding place in our sketchbooks.
Let there be light!
Now they’re out …waiting for their opportunity in life.
Maybe they will even find new parents?

Lots of good ideas go down the drain. They disappear in our “lost pitches” archive. So we decided to stick some of these ideas on our walls.
We put up large scale prints of concept moods, layoutsteps, testshoots…
Video goes Print.
We still like them!
…good to see them again

We built a big cube of tables and stuck a bunch of macs inside.
Our visitors were able to surf around on our new blog on the block.

The pitching room.
We wanted to show how much work goes into a pitch – how many ideas never see the light of day.
So we asked a couple of agencies with whom we took part in pitches.
For the first time we had the chance to check out the work of our fellow competitors.
One pitch brief – 3 agencies – 3 ideas…

It wasn’t all about winning or loosing, but about seeing the different approaches.
Questions came up…
How precise does a pitch have to be? …coincidentality of ideas? …how style-conditioned are we? …when is an idea a good idea? …when is it crap? …how much work for a pitch is fair? …should there be pitching rules?…

Big thanks to the guys and girls atUmbruchVierviertelDMC and Bizquit for giving us their pitch-designs.
It takes lots of courage to show unfinished worksteps.

Our discussion about “Unseen”
A first timer but certainly not a one hit wonder.
Big thanks to our speakers!

Nicola Richter:

Heike Sperling:
if your interested in her work check out Visual Music here.

Amy Zayed:

Katinka Buddenkotte:

and our talkmaster: Mr Potthoff